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Two people make an accord with electronic signature

eSignature made simple, fast and confidential

Request signature for any type of file, whatever its size without uploading it and putting your privacy at risk

Sign any type of documents

There are no more constraints of document size or format. From the mock-up, to the sketch, to the work contract or the purchase order, it has never been easier to get all your documents signed.
Any size of documents


Any format of documents


Woleet Sign Dashboard - find out all your signature request events

Designed to improve the daily life of your team

And to make your business more competitive

Real Estate

Rental leases, visit vouchers etc.

Human Resources

Employment contracts, confidentiality agreements, etc.


Quotations, order forms etc.


Pick the document

Selection of the document to be signed from your computer, Google Drive or Dropbox.
Select the document to sign
Woleet Sign application - Step 1 : pick a document


Select the signers

Creation of new signers or selection in your address book.
The signers
Woleet Sign application - Step 2 : select signers


Send your request

Define the order of the signatories, add a message, an expiration date or a start date.
Send electronic signature
Woleet Sign application - Step 3 : send the signature request
Three people send an electronic signature

Guaranteed time saving

eSignature  process is lightning fast as you don’t need to upload or edit the file with useless initials or graphical signatures.

An easy to use and powerful tool

Ideal to sign or have signed all your essential documents
Real time signature events

Real time monitoring

On your dashboard, stay informed about every event concerning you signature requests.
Attestation de signature

Signature attestation

Signers receives a signature attestation containing digital proofs allowing independent verification.
Intégration avec Google Drive et Dropbox

Google Drive and Dropbox integration

With Dropbox and Google Drive integration you can directly choose files to sign from your favorite cloud.
Automatic email reminder

Automatic reminders

Email reminders are sent before the deadline. Observers can be added to stay informed of the status of signature requests.

100% Confidential

The security and confidentiality of your documents is maintained because they no longer leave your corporate network.
Documents no longer leave your corporate network
All the eSignatures created are legally binding worldwide

Legally Binding

All of the signatures created are compliant with the eIDAS Regulation, the E-Sign Act and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act. Unsdisputable digital proofs are settled in the Bitcoin blockchain, and can be adapted to any. jurisdiction worldwide.

Durable evidences

The association of the Bitcoin blockchain with the electronic signature allows you to remain in total autonomy and moreover never depend on a third party service either for archiving or for the validity of the signature
The association of the Bitcoin with eSignature made timeless evidences

Transparent and accessible prices

Today, the eSignature must be accessible to all without exception.

Save up to 43%!



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10 documents

Unlimited signers

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A straightforward and powerful API

Woleet Sign is built on top of the Woleet API, which is probably the fastest to integrate into an existing business workflow, due to the fact that the document itself is never manipulated.


Our API allows you to easily integrate electronic signatures into your application or website in a few minutes

Learn more about our API

About Woleet

Woleet is a French startup created in 2016 working in the digital trust space to democratize the use of Bitcoin as a source of digital Truth.


Woleet is used by companies of all sizes all around the world and help them creating timestamps, seals and digital signatures secured by Bitcoin to address diverse use cases like traceability, certification, intellectual property protection or compliance.

Sign for free with Woleet Sign

The electronic signature that respects your privacy and the privacy of your customers.